Flies pest control servicesFlies can transmit a wide range of diseases including Salmonella, Dysentery, Tuberculosis, Cholera and Parasitic Worms due to them eating decaying matter (rotting food and excrement) and transferring this to food sources we consume.
Whilst there are thousands of species of flies the most common problems arise from the Common House Fly, Blow Flies, Cluster Flies and Mosquitoes.
Warning signs for Fly infestations include clusters of insects (live or dead), spottings and droppings on pipes and light fittings and the appearance of Maggots (flies in their larval stage).

Infestations of flies are usually treated with fly killer machines, insecticidal sprays and/or smoke generators. Fly-proofing can also be carried out by using screens to block windows and doors. When treating fly infestations, we endeavor to use the most environmentally friendly products.

We are experts with experience in controlling flies and our discreet fly control service offers a range of innovative measures, including…

  • The design and fitting of fly screens

  • Supply and service of fly control units

  • Advanced insecticide treatments

  • Specialist monitors and fly killers

  • Advice on future fly control and prevention

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Flies pest control services