A healthy life starts with a healthy surrounding. We take a lot of steps to make sure that our home is free from insects and germs. Cockroaches, lizards, and rat infestations are the ones that we paid the most attention to. There is one small detail that some might overlook and that is bed bugs. These notorious insects can cause multiple health issues including being the cause of disturbed sleep and infections. While the other insects can be easily tackled, bed bugs are completely different. Why is it so difficult to get rid of them?

A number of bed bug pest control measures can be taken to be rid of them but some of them prove to be quite harsh on human health. Insecticides like DDT can be useful to keep their growth curbed but it is not a sure-shot solution in a permanent sense. The main reason for their prolonged existence is that they multiply at a very fast rate after infestation. Though most of the bed bugs usually survive on human blood, they can also exist in the absence of it for a long time.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

They are tiny in size and have a hard body which makes them difficult to look at with naked eyes. So, spotting them becomes an issue in order to get rid of them. Moreover, there are extremely crafty at fitting into the creases of the bedsheets and the corners of the bed. The only way to get rid of them is to eliminate every single one of them which is easier said than done. Some environments can be viable for the exponential growth of bed bugs which exemplifies the infestation problem.

Their habitat is mostly preferred at room temperature and they can go nearly 2 years without feeding on human blood. This makes it even more difficult to be rid of them. So leaving things undone hoping they will leave is nothing but prolonging the problem.

One might think that chemical extermination is the key but there is a loophole there as well. The bugs can sense the strong chemical odor and conceal themselves in the nooks and corners which have been missed. One female bed bug can produce up to 500 offspring in just a couple of months. Such drastic numbers can only be taken care of with the professional help of pest control bed bugs. The problem and solution both lie deep within.