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Manchester Exterminators offers flexible solutions for commercial pest control in Manchester. No matter the type of business you operate, we are able to help by preventing pest invasions and treat infestations if any manage to occur.

Timing is crucial and in case of infestation every single hour counts. That’s why it’s so important to contact us as soon as you notice suspicious activities on the premises – as sooner we arrive as faster we’ll deal with the issue. The pest expert will manage to identify your problem and get to work immediately, ensuring your business is safe from the harm that pests bring.

What our commercial pest prevention & bed bug pest control can do for Your Business:

  • Flexible, individually tailored service – you receive your own unique plan with an assigned account manager to constantly keep a track of all pest activities and implemented solutions. Call us now on 0161 637 0339 to book a free survey and quotation visit;

  • Discreet and fast service – we are able to send exterminators with a non-branded van in order to protect the reputation of your business;

  • Advanced methods and tools – we constantly keep track of industry innovations and strive to implement the newest solutions;

  • Certified and experienced pest technicians – for your peace of mind all our pest exterminators are highly trained, qualified and have years of experience;

  • Free Same Day Emergency Call Outs – we understand the importance of swift action to eliminate any pest problem from your business that’s why all our plans are inclusive of free same day call-outs in case of emergencies.

Our commercial solutions cover various types of industries and businesses:

  • Hospitality Industry: the accommodation sector is most threatened from bed bugs, rats, mice, flies and cockroach problems. A potential infestation might harm your reputation and lead to revenue loss. Our work aims at preventing that and eventually treating all pest infestations as soon as they occur to minimise the damage to your business. We help hotels, motels, hostels, vacation rentals, guest houses and much more.

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry: hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and sanatoriums have one in common – they need to maintain an immaculate environment at all times. We understand that and offer our helping hand when dealing with pests. Our goal is to help organisations take all the proper measures against pest infestations and suggest the control actions to minimize the risk.

  • Food Industry: all food businesses, from manufacturing and distribution to food stores, restaurants, and kitchens, are required to comply with certain government regulations regarding pest presence on the premises. The standards for hygiene and quality are high and there’s zero tolerance for pest invasions. We offer pest prevention, early detection and effective control measures which will keep all pest intruders away.

  • Agriculture & Farming: barns and warehouses are particularly attractive for rats, mice and beetles as they offer the perfect combination of food and shelter supply. Our commercial control services will protect your property and produce from unwanted pests with a range of preventive measures and effective solutions. You can also choose our service of bird control in Manchester for your farms or fields.

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  • Commercial Facilities: 24/7 Pest Control offers pest prevention and treatment for commercial areas such as business offices, industrial premises, retail businesses, shopping malls, and property management companies to help protect the buildings from pest invasions. Our methods are flexible and aim to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

  • Other Public Institutions: Our commercial pest control solutions are also suitable for local councils and government facilities, museums, churches, schools, nurseries and much more.

We tailor each our service for the needs of the customer and don’t spare resources to achieve outstanding results. Call the commercial pests experts today on 0161 6370339

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