Fleas are a frequent problem in homes, particularly where cats and dogs are present. People may also encounter a flea infestation when moving into a house where pets previously lived. Common signs are the experience of bites, often on the lower leg. Fleas are a nuisance to animals and humans, and also cause medical problems such as flea allergy, tapeworms, skin irritations and in some extreme cases anaemia.  Flea eggs are laid on carpets or fabrics. The flea eggs hatch into larvae that then pupate. They can wait dormant before emerging as adult fleas. If conditions are favourable e.g. vibration and warmth, they will hatch into adults fleas This takes about 2 weeks in mild weather. Flea eggs can lie dormant for up to 18 months, usually in empty properties.

As fleas can travel very easily around a property we would spray all rooms within the house, with an emphasis placed on those with carpets as they will be the areas where they will tend to thrive. Depending on the level and stage of infestation more than one visit may be required. Treatment will result in the residents needing to be out of the property for approximately 3 hours after treatment.

To prevent further infestation it is advisable to have any pets within the property treated for fleas and ticks. Also ensure that stray animals are not allowed to enter the property.

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