Cockroaches are an extremely common household and commercial pest, they are known to hold and transfer diseases for example dysentery, poliomyelitis, gastroenteritis & typhoid. Cockroaches are usually associated with dirt and poor housekeeping however we often find cockroaches will travel from adjoining properties in search for new suitable expansion sites. Cockroaches generally will eat anything, anything that has nutritional value, this includes excrement, their own and other animals- this accounts for the reason why they are known to spread disease and are known to be such a disgusting pest. Their diet often consists of grease build up, leftover food, rubbish, and anything they can get basically, this also includes other dead cockroaches as well as your stored food! Once cockroaches infest your food cupboards they are likely to contaminate anything they come in to contact with, usually by laying eggs and droppings everywhere they go, and they are prone to dying anywhere- not uncommonly in stored grains, cereals and other produce.

People can also be allergic to cockroaches, especially asthmatics.

There are maily two types of cockroaches in this country, German cockroaches and Oriental Cockroaches. The most common one we see is the German. Adult German cockroaches are light brown in colour and the nymphs may seem black.

It takes 10 weeks for a cockroach from egg stage to reach sexual maturity and each egg case will hold 30-40 eggs, this is an extremely quick rate of reproduction, it is usual to assume that if you see a cockroach that is the tip of the iceberg- effectively they lay eggs constantly.
Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of, however being a cockroach pest control specialist our service is guaranteed. A professional treatment is the only way to eradicate a cockroach problem, cockroaches are extremely good at finding cracks and crevices and naturally incredibly reproductive so DIY methods will often fail.

Manchester Exterminators provide a treatment that combines the latest methods and treatments including the use of sprays, fogging, powders and extremely effective professional food substitute gels. This makes the treatments extremely effective. All our technicians are trained to these new methods and all hold relevant certifications so you can rest assured you have the right people for the job.

Manchester Exterminators strive to provide the best service using the best methods and best products available to the professional market. Call us today see an end to your cockroach problem
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