Pest infestations are becoming a major problem in urban cities. From raising panic among the people to being the cause for the spread of epidemics and pandemics, there is no doubt that these pests are making urban life a living hell. Out of every kind of pest that you can see in your daily life, the most problematic and devastating is that rat infestations.

We often tend to ignore the dangerous vibes that come from rat infestations in our homes. It’s a general thought that small creatures can never cause something as mortifying as death. In reality, this very thought is untrue, and that’s why rat control in Manchester is essential. Its ignorance might cost you someone’s life.

Before going into the details, first, let us understand the basic differences between a rat and a mouse.


  • Mice are much smaller as compared to rats, with hairy tails and large ears. Rats, however, do not have their tails covered in hairs.
  • A rat does not roam about in your house too much as compared to the mice; it will be harder to catch a rat.
  • Rats love to build a nest in the crawling spacers and ground while the roof rats usually live in holes between your ceilings. Mice, on the other hand, can live anywhere.


Rats Infestations usually pose a great threat to your property, especially raw vegetables, cereals and pulses, wood, papers, and even clothes. They have short but sharp teeth. This is why; they can drive that into anything, starting with soft vegetables to hard wooden furniture. In fact, witnessing chewing sceneotspotting holes here and there is a clear sign that your house is infested with rats.


Apart from the property damage that rats can cause, the major concern is regarding the health damage that comes with an intense rat infestation. Here we have discussed some of the major diseases caused by the rat species.

  • Hantavirus is transmitted through rat urine.
  • Bubonic or yellow plague transmitted by fleas sucks the blood from infected rats.
  • Rat-bite can cause mild fever to some serious skin inflammation.
  • Leptospirosis can even lead to meningitis and hence is a major bacterial infection transmitted by rats.