Facts about Bed Bugs

If you only know bed bugs as irritating pests then you must read this to know a lot more about them in detail. This will let you know why it is important to treat them professionally by bed bug exterminator in Manchester. So, here we present you top 8 facts about bed bugs.

Irritating Experience

An infestation of bed bugs cannot just be an irritating experience, but a painful one too. These pests are not only difficult to find but also, extremely tactful to eliminate. Taking help from the bed bug exterminator in Manchester becomes the need for the cause and before you select the right professional pest control company to do the needful, below are some of the important facts about bed bugs, which one should know before treating these pests.

  • If you see multiple swellings in the form of small clusters, the bite is caused by bed bugs. These are way different from mosquito or spider bites and therefore, identifying their bite is easy.
  • Bed bugs don’t the only breed on the bed, but also can be found in carpets, closets, the inner side of the furniture. bags, car seats, and many other places. They also feed on chairs and couches too.
  • As they live in the human blood, bed bugs adapt to the sleeping pattern. In order to that, they can feed themselves over the night. In case, you have a sleeping schedule during the daytime, they change their routine accordingly to get food.
  • As bed bugs are less resistant to the heat than the cold, eliminating them with the help of a heating process by a bed bug exterminator in Manchester is popular

Varied result in each Individual

The different body reacts differently to the bed bug bites. For some, it is the immediate effect resulting in rashes and for others; it takes some time after being bitten for the body to react.

  • If you notice small black or red color spots on the bed, it is likely that it is the blood drop by bed bugs as they leave the stain on the pillow cover and bed sheet.
  • Also, the size of the bedbug is like the size of the apple seed. Therefore, it is a myth that bed bugs cannot be seen without a microscope.
  • If you believe that bed bugs only infest where the cleanliness is not maintained then it is a myth. Because they even infest in the nicest and clean 5-star hotels and resorts too.